Mini-Grant Application

Apr 19, 2021
Grant Author(s)

Name of Project
School Phone No.
No. of students directly participating
Amount of money requested ($300 maximum)
School Administrator’s Name
Name(s) of Applicant(s) AND Email Address

Grant Application Process

  1. Complete the above section of this form.
  2. Clearly describe your project in one to three pages (enter in box below). Please include the following:
    1. Project goals (reflecting GLT interests as stated on the previous Programs and Education page)
    2. Project summary
    3. Projected expenses (It is recommended that, whenever possible, you use local (Grafton) vendors for your purchases of goods and/or services.)
    4. How your students will demonstrate what they learn from this project
  3. Applications must be received by October 16th. The grants will be officially presented at the Annual Meeting of the Grafton Land Trust on the first Friday in November.
  4. Grant recipients must complete a project evaluation and return it to the Grafton Land Trust. The evaluation form will be forwarded to you.


Project Description