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Gebelein Sanctuary


Quick Facts

Parcel Name: Gebelein Sanctuary

Address: 54 Brigham Hill Road

Size: 1.0 acres

Owner: Grafton Land Trust

Acquired: 1967

Conservation Restriction: No

Trails: Yes

Biking: No

Horseback Riding: No

Canoe Launch: No

Hunting: No

Fishing: No

Camping: No

Swimming: No


Geblein Sign
Gebelein Sanctuary from Brigham Hill Road

The Gebelein Sanctuary is a one acre lot on Brigham Hill Road that extends back to the shore of Lake Ripple.  It's about 460 feet from the road to the lake and varies in width from about 145 feet to 70 feet.  The land rises about 12 feet from the lake to the road and has a small, higher hill near the road.


On March 26th 2012, nine students from the Pomfret Schooll visited the Grafton Land Trust's Gebelein Sanctuary to create a beautiful  trail and viewing area. The students worked hard making bank cuts, removing brush and raking leaves to create the new Gebelein Trail.  The trail now meanders from Brigham Hill Road back to Lake Ripple, and provides a peaceful sitting area on the grassy shore of the lake.  To find out more about the amazing folks at Pomfret School click here.


Louise P. Gebelein Crawford, in memory of her first husband, George C. Gebelein Jr.


The Gebelein Sanctuary was donated to the Grafton Land Trust by the Rocheleau family in the name of Louise P. Gebelein Crawford in 1967.


The Gebelein Sanctuary was aquired by the Rocheleaus in 1961 from Ernest K. Davis in 1963.

There are remnants of an old foundation on the property.

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