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Merriam Road Conservation Area


Quick Facts

Parcel Name: Merriam Road Conservation Area

Address: Merriam Road

Size: 52.0 acres

Owner: Town of Grafton

Acquired: 1987

Conservation Restriction: No

Trails: Yes

Biking: Yes

Horseback Riding: Yes

Canoe Launch: No

Hunting: Yes

Fishing: No

Camping: Yes

Swimming: No



Edward F. Williams called this area a "wildlife paradise." (Chris Pope, Telegram Sept 1987). In addition to blue salamanders which Ted discovered in 1987, the property has a wide variety of trees: shagbark, hickory, red maple, sugar maple, with ash, black birch, red oak, white oak, butternut and katsura. In the old pastures, hardwood forest, pine stands and wetlands that make up this important parcel, there are many species. Some of these species resident or regularly occurring on the tract include white-tailed deer, red and grey fox, cottontail rabbit, ruffed grouse, woodcock, red and gray squirrel, flying squirrel, skunk, woodchuck, mink, chipmunk, raccoon, weasel, opossum, several species of hawks and owls, and numerous songbirds.


Still Pond, Merriam Road: Thomas Frederico



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