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Marsters Preserve


Quick Facts

Parcel Name: Marsters Preserve

Address: 116 Brigham Hill Road

Size: 48.3 acres

Owner: Grafton Land Trust

Acquired: 1993

Conservation Restriction: No

Trails: Yes

Biking: Yes

Horseback Riding: Yes

Canoe Launch: No

Hunting: With Written Permission

Fishing: Yes

Camping: No

Swimming: No


Trail Description

Intrepid Explorer

The Gummere Woods and Marsters Preserve Trails may be accessed from a parking area at the base of Wheeler Road, from the Lions Club property at 68 Brigham Hill Road, and from an access point on Brigham Hill Road opposite 107 Brigham Hill Road. Refer to the trail map entitled Trail Map Gummere Woods/ Marsters Preserve. The main Gummere Woods trail, marked with blue diamonds, starts at the parking area on Wheeler Road and follows the edge of the lake south, 0.33 miles into a pine grove to a point where a 0.30 mile loop begins. Continuing straight south leads to a picnic table in the pine grove. The blue trail bears right before the picnic table and makes a loop up the hill, past another picnic table, then comes back down the hill, completing the loop. Turning north (left) returns to the parking area. The blue diamond trail with the loop is 0.96 miles long.


Gummere Woods, GLT PPT

As you will see, this trail has not changed as dramatically as one might expect since Sheila Bolack's Girl Scout Troop began initial work in 1973. As the Fall 1973 Land Lovers Bulletin explained, this Troop helped Judy Pederson start a nature trail on the beautiful Gummere woods next to the Little Quinsigamond River. A circular path edged with trees and shrubs and wildflowers indigenous to the swampy and woodsy and meadow lands within the property.

Beyond the picnic table in the pine grove, another trail loop, 0.67 miles long and marked with red diamonds, passes over the Marsters Preserve part of the property. It proceeds south along the shore of Lake Ripple to the Lions Club property. The red diamond trail circles west (right) across a section of the Lions Club parcel then re-enters the woods and the Marsters Preserve, bearing north. The trail loops around the large holding basin that was created to receive and dewater the dredging material from Lake Ripple then rejoins the blue diamond trail in the Gummere Woods parcel. Two parallel branch trails head west from the western segment of the red diamond trail for 0.19 miles, then join and follow a narrow, 0.21 mile right of way up to Brigham Hill Road, near the Williams Preserve Conservation Restriction. The trails from Wheeler Rd. to the Lions Club field are about 0.77 miles.

When visiting these parcels, please respect the posted regulations.
No motorized vehicles are allowed on Grafton Land Trust Properties or Conservation Restrictions!

It's currently Mud Season. Until it dries up, we ask that you please refrain from biking, horseback riding, or even walking, on muddy trails. Erosion caused by trail traffic during mud season causes irreparable damage, creating ruts and permanently exposing rocks and roots.
Please read this notice and watch this site for timely updates.

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trail map

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